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Image Display Options


There are many ways to display images on web sites. Because it's easier to demonstrate than to explain in an e-mail or on the phone, I've presented some of them here. Larger images are usually represented by smaller, clickable versions ("thumbnails").

Simplest large image display1. The simplest display is for the larger image to appear on a blank web page.
Click here to see larger image on custom page2. Clicking on this version, you will see the larger image on its own custom page
Click here to see larger image3. Clicking on this image will bring the larger image up in its own custom box on top of this page.
4. The images can also be presented as part of a simple gallery in which pictures are displayed either without any larger versions or clickable to open an enlarged version.
5. One of the best ways to display images, especially a larger number, is in an interactive gallery. This allows maximum flexibility.

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