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Many people view the local dimension condescendingly. They say your products are too small, too marginal. In actual fact, joined as one, all you small-scale producers arguably form the biggest food multinational of all. You don't produce standardization or leveling out, you don't produce pollution or poverty. You produce wealth, diversity, exchange, conservation of memory and progress. This is the value of the local economy. -
Carlo Petrini, Slow Food

2012 South Cariboo Farm Fresh Guide [PDF]


Food Security - Simple and Safe
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Contents of food delivery box from CEEDS
Contents of an early-season delivery box from CEEDS

Why Buy Local?
  1. Produce is fresher
  2. Fruit which doesn't have to travel can be picked riper
  3. Fuel/transport costs will inevitably increase as our fossil fuels become scarcer
  4. Supporting local food supplies now will enable them to be there in the more challenging days to come.
  5. Reduce pollution by reducing transport distances
  6. Keep your money local, thereby supporting and building our community.

Annettes Garden - local fruit and vegetables Annette's Garden

A wide variety of vegetables, grapes and berry fruits.

Phone: 250 396-4537

Deconstructing Dinner - The Tyee
CEEDS - home delivery of fresh food CEEDS

Summer delivery of organic vegetables.
Phone: 250 395-4225 or 250 395-3580
Fax: 250 395-3572
Web Site:

Circle H Ranch: Beef, lamb and goat Circle H Ranch

Beef, lamb and goat

Circle H Ranch: beef, lamb and goatMore information

Kariboo Farms - garlic Kariboo Farms

Garlic and garlic products
Telephone: 250 397-2540
Fax: 250 397-2517
Web Site:

South Cariboo Farmers Market - 100 Mile HouseSouth Cariboo Farmers Market South Cariboo Farmers' Market

Locally-grown and -raised food.

May to October, every Friday, 8:30am - 1:30pm
Red Coach Inn parking lot, Highway 97.
More information

South Cariboo Farmers Market, 100 Mile House


South Cariboo Organic Farm - CEEDS
Photo courtesy CEEDS
Local Food News and Information:

How can individuals assist the transition? Support the small, local alternative, even if it entails inconvenience. And often it will. The big, mainstream standbys (big banks, chain stores etc.) are often subsidized in hidden ways to make them more convenient, and to make them seem to the individual consumer to be more economical. According to dominant theory, bigness implies an "economy of scale" through mass production and bulk purchasing. But the real costs of added transportation resulting from centralized production and control (including extra pollution and its cascading environmental effects) are rarely factored into the accounting. Also we must learn always to question the ideology of efficiency, since many human needs and interests are only degraded by its ruthless, myopic calculus (should one, after all, strive to be an "efficient" parent, giving a minimum of love for a maximum of obedience?). - Richard Heinberg

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