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Western swallowtail butterfly
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Common Garter snake

Common Garter snake
The most widespread snake in Canada

Bighorn sheep in the Rockies
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Fairyslipper or Calypso Orchid

Fairyslipper or Calypso Orchid.
Very delicate: picking the flower usually kills the plant.

Canada opts not to block international trade in 76 endangered species
"For Canada to opt out of its obligations under CITES for every single species that was listed, when we don't even have a commercial interest in the species, it has no logical explanation as far as anyone can tell."Dec 10, 2014.
Nineteen year battle over Great Bear Rainforest on brink of peace as momentous deadline approaches
The last crucial step from negotiation to implementation and legislation. Oct 22nd, 2014.
Biologist Pokes Holes in BC's Wolf Killing Plan
It's too vague on poison use and doesn't factor in ecosystem complexity, says Bob Hayes.
B.C. Grizzly Hunt Bolstered By Spurious Science
Overkills are a serious concern.
Update on the endangered badger - 2013
Fewer than 200 remaining in Ontario and an estimated 350 in B.C.
Moose die-off mystery tackled with high-tech tracking
B.C. government program will collar 240 moose in the Central Interior to find where and why they die.

WILD CHILCOTIN IN 2004 [Feb. 2006: Farwell Canyon bridge fire]:

Water & Earth: The Farwell Canyon Mudslide

At the end of August 2004 a mudslide dammed Farwell Canyon on the Chilcotin River. Both entrances to the Farwell Canyon dam bridge were closed and you can see why. The natural dam was about 15 kilometres from the junction of the Chilcotin and the Fraser rivers.

Map showing location on Chilcotin River of Farwell Canyon slide
Chilcotin river bridge - Farwell Canyon
Farwell Canyon mudslide
The mud falls and dams the river
Farwell Canyon slide
which rises
Chilcotin River slide 2004 - from the bridge
close to the level of the bridge

Chilcotin fires 2004Air & Fire: The wind-driven fires of the Chilcotin
[ 2006 Chilcotin Fires ]

The fire-fighting efforts are concentrated in the Atnarko Trench; yesterday the smoke was so bad that nothing could be done but today there are four helicopters and one water bomber that are going in there, plus some cat work. It's a very difficult area with steep cliffs. Don and Phyllis Irwin's cabins (The Dean on Nimpo) at Little Charlotte are in imminent danger, as are all the homes on Charlotte Lake. - Rosemary Neads

The Lonesome Lake fire: a pillar of smoke by day and fire by night. At the time, July 26 2004, the largest in BC.
Lonesome Lake fire
Lonesone Lake fire

Photos Rosemary Neads

Ralph Edwards homestead burnt downJohn Edwards, Chris Czajkowski

One of the tragic consequences of the fire was the destruction of Ralph Edwards' homestead.

"The last stand at Lonesome Lake began yesterday for John Edwards, 77, when he trekked back to the isolated homestead his family has occupied for nearly 100 years in northwestern British Columbia. Far beyond the end of the last road, in a remote valley filled with smoke, with a forest fire roaring so loud it wakes him at night, Mr. Edwards has returned to the wilderness to be with the animals he loves until the last moment." - Globe & Mail, July 24, 2004.

That "last moment" came the following day. The photo shows how complete the destruction was. In October John returned to participate in the rebuilding of his home. His sister Trudy, has written her own perspective of the fire.

A few days later it was the turn of Chris Czajkowski, living at Nuk Tessli, her self-built wilderness "resort". In her words:
July 28: Yesterday started very smoky (again) and the clients I had who were due to fly out that morning couldn't go. By around two pm a fresh little breeze started from the southwest and we began to make out the landforms beyond the edges of the lake so I called the floatplane company and the tourists flew out. That left me and two wwoofers the only people in a huge area - everyone else had been evacuated or burned.

Nature can wreak havoc but when people do it unnecessarily, it becomes wilderness abuse.


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The clearest way to the Universe is through a forest wilderness ~ John Muir

Fox in Walker Valley, 108 Mile Ranch


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